The Vernon Applegate Award for Outstanding Contributions to Sea Lamprey Control



Presented by the Great Lakes Fishery Commission to recognize an individual or group furthering the cause of sea lamprey control on the Great Lakes.


Nominations for the Vern Applegate award should be based on the following criteria:

  1. Any person or group who has displayed exemplary dedication to the sea lamprey control program, including: overcoming unusual obstacles, making innovative discoveries through research, the transfer of science to management, greatly advancing the commission's mission, or realizing significant program efficiencies.
  2. Any person or group who has achieved a specific accomplishment that significantly advanced the sea lamprey control effort on the Great Lakes.
  3. Any person or group who has displayed distinguished career-long contributions to sea lamprey control.


Those eligible to receive the Vern Applegate award are any person or group whose performance matched the purpose and criteria of the award (as expressed above). Recipients may include (but are not limited to) an employee of the commission's contract agents, a cooperator of the commission, commissioners, and secretariat.

Nomination Process

Any person may nominate an individual or group to receive the Vern Applegate award. The Sea Lamprey Control Board of the commission is especially encouraged to consider and present nominations to the commission. Nominations for the award will be accepted following each commission annual meeting. A form asking for the name of the nominee, a description of the nominee’s accomplishments, and the name of the nominator will be required. Completed forms must be received by the commission secretariat by mid November of each year. Facsimiles of nomination forms are acceptable. The form is available from our website in the following formats:

Commission Consideration and Public Presentation

Members of the commission will consider all nominations during the commission's interim meeting executive plenary session. (In the event a member of the commission is nominated, he/she shall be excused from the consideration process.) It is anticipated that the award will be presented annually. Recipient(s) of the Vern Applegate award will receive the award publicly during the commission's annual meeting, plenary session. The commission is eligible to provide travel expenses for recipients, as appropriate.

The Award

The name of each recipient the Vern Applegate award shall be engraved on a plaque displayed prominently at the comission Secretariat office. In addition, award recipients shall receive a framed certificate stating the accomplishment(s) meriting its receipt. The certificate shall be signed by the Chair and Vice-Chair of the commission. If appropriate, a formal letter shall be sent to the recipient’s employer, acknowledging the award.

Previous Award Recipients